May 21, 2010

I guess first I’ll write a bit about the train ride there.  The trains are pretty comfortable and nice.  The countryside is really nice.  We passed a wind farm and a lot of Mustard fields.  The mustard fields are awesome to look at because they are such a bright yellow.  Once we got to Hamburg we took the subway to our hostel, which was actually really nice.  It was clean, quiet, and well kept.

After finding the girls’ hotel, we went to this restaurant called Oktober, where we had dinner.  I had what they called a “Mexican Burger,” which was ground chuck, onions, bacon, barbecue sauce, pickles, lettuce, and tomato (I took the tomato off).  We walked around the city for a while, which is actually pretty small (at least compared to Amsterdam).  We saw this awesome statue of Otto Von Bismarck and were excited to walk over to it, but we were disappointed to find that the base was all graffitied up.  We walked down to the docks and walked the length of them for a bit, stopping in a few shops.  Right across from the docks there is an island with tons of cranes on it.  Apparently it is the biggest construction site in Europe, and will be finished in 2026.  I’m not sure exactly what it will be… probably some sort of financial district.

Clay, Bennett, Anthony, and I went to a little casino in Reeperbahn for about 2 hours.  I didn’t bet anything, just watched the other guys go at it.  We had a good time there.  The Reeperbahn is comparable to Amsterdam’s red light district.  It’s the main place where you can find bars and “other” night life entertainment.  The prostitutes in Hamburg are much more sociable than in Amsterdam.  There were still some in windows, but there was just a huge line of them in the street and sidewalks as well.  They would go up to you and wrap their arms in yours and try to entice you to give some business.  Needless to say, we had our hands in our pockets the whole time, watching out for pickpockets.

So now it’s back on the Eurorail, and onto Berlin!


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